DEPUTY HEAD Conference 2013


                    Conference for Deputy Heads
        “Ignatian deputy, freedom in the everyday” 
                  February 2013,     LOYOLA (Spain)


The conference lasted for 3 days, from Monday 6pm to Thursday 14 pm 

We had different times
     *   3 times of Dynamic groups with 8 people each from different countries,
     *   4 Talks,
     *   1 Spiritual time and a Eucharist,
     *   A time for Groups of Practice Analysis (GAP) – 12 people per Group 
     *   Visit of the DURANGO Jesuit school

  All talks were translated into English, French and Spanish.
Direct link to Dominique Salin ‘s address click hereafter English, Français, Spanish
Direct link to Vicente Marcuello’s address click hereafter English


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