JECSE Presentation

JECSE main aims are:

    • To promote the ideals and practices of Jesuit  education in Europe,
    • To encourage networking, co-operation and exchanges between Jesuit educational institutions…
    • To support the Delegates of education in their mission
      To reflect  on Ignatian identity

Who are the JECSE members ?

    • The Delegates of education of the 20 European provinces :
      16 jesuits / 20 delegates
    • The Jesuit international Secretary of Education:
      Fr. Jose A. Mesa, SJ
    • The President of the Conference of European  Provincials (C.E.P.):
      Fr. John Dardis, SJ
    • The Director:
      Mrs Marie-Thérèse Michel.

There are 158 schools in the JECSE network with 163 000 students.


The JECSE challenges:

    • Pastoral & Religious Education in a  multicultural and multi-religious environment,
    • Training of school staff  in order to share the  same vision and mission,
    • Creativity to reflect upon new technologies.


JECSE  promotes collaboration between different Primary and Secondary Education Institutions belonging to the Jesuits in Europe.
It also organizes formation conferences, seminars and meetings for members of staff of the different institutions across Europe.

Delegates attends regular meetings for the Delegates for Education of the different European Jesuit Provinces to ensure that Jesuit Schools are run on the same guiding principles as the other Jesuit Educational Institutions in Europe and in the world.

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