(Jesuit European Committee for primary and Secondary Education) 
is the organization that promotes Jesuit education in Europe 
in creative fidelity to the spirituality of St Ignatius of Loyola.

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 The (lay and Jesuit) Education Delegates in the European region
(in 21 countries including Egypt and Lebanon in the Near East and Russia)
support Jesuit / Ignatian education for more than 170,000 students
 in the secondary and pre-secondary schools belonging to the European Jesuit network.
JECSE's mission is to 'to educate men and women for and with others',
competent, conscientious, and with compassionate commitment,
engaged together in a mission of reconciliation and peace,
in creative fidelity to the Jesuit tradition.

"Through education we want to understand human beings and the world in all their complexity, so that human beings can configure the world in a way
that is more compassionate, and therefore more divine.”
Fr. General Arturo Sosa sj, JESEDU Conference for Jesuit Education, Rio de Janeiro, 2017)


JECSE is one of the networks for European interprovincial collaboration belonging to the JCEP (Jesuit Conference of European Provincials).

JECSE supports global collaboration through active membership of ICAJE (International Commission on the Apostolate of Jesuit Education). 

JECSE, like all regional networks within the global network, is linked to Educate Magis, the online community that connects educators from schools in the Jesuit network around the world.