IPP Masterclass Learning By Refraction

The online ‘Learning by Refraction’ IPP-Masterclass, developed and introduced by Johnny Go SJ (Regional Education Delegate for Asia Pacific and Director of the Ateneo de Manila Institute for the Science & Art of Learning & Teaching) will start on March 1st. The Masterclass will be open to all teachers interested. You can find the registration form including all information here; please register before February 19th.  This Masterclass will be hosted by Educate Magis.

Ignatian Leadership Program, MODULE I

The first module of the new JECSE Ignatian Leadership Program, due to the ongoing crisis had to be postponed again to 18-22 October 2021. Registered participants received information about an alternative online launch of the program on March 23rd.

OTHER FUTURE EVENTS (more information will follow):

  • Our in-depth IPP- train-the-trainers-formation with Fr Johnny Go SJ on his innovative method 'Learning by refraction', planned for the last week of April 2021 in Barcelona, is postponed to October (specific dates to be confirmed) due to the ongoing crisis. This training is intended for a European experts-group with a special responsibility for pedagogical formation in their province; it is on invitation by the education delegates only.
  • The Global Citizenship Workshop planned for February 2021 (face to face in Galway, Ireland) will be postponed by one year. This workshop is intended for animators of Global Citizenship education who are also interested in working with Educate Magis. (JECSE in collaboration with EDUCATE MAGIS)
  • The major Safeguarding Conference on the protection of minors and vulnerable adults in our schools, originally planned for February 2021, due to the current crisis, is postponed to February 1 - March 4 2022. (JECSE in collaboration with ZIP, Center for Ignatian Pedagogy, Germany)