DELEGATES MEETING, 18-21 November 2020, in LYON or ONLINE

Depending on latest developments, this years' European Education Delegates Meeting will take place either in Lyon or online. The focus will be on exploring the horizon of Jesuit education in our current global, regional and local context, through 'Theory-U', an awareness based model for meaningful change, in line with the Ignatian discernment process.

Conference for formators / pastoral coordinators in primary and secondary education, 19 - 22 January, Loyola - Spain

The cancelled March 2020 Formators Conference will now be combined with this Conference planned for January in Loyola. For this JECSE conference we will thus combine three audiences: chaplains / pastoral coordinators in primary education & chaplains / pastoral coordinators in secondary education & the group of formators who support our primary and secondary schools in both mission & identity and in the IPP. During this conference we will explore  the new JECSE conference-theme called 'He sent them two by two’; a theme around what we can learn from Jesus’ model for accompaniment of others in our community.

Ignatian Leadership Program, MODULE I, 22 - 26 March 2021

The first module of the new JECSE Ignatian Leadership Program, originally planned for October 2020, will - due to the current crisis - be postponed to 22 - 26 March 2021 (in Loyola, Spain). This program is made up of four Monday-to-Friday modules, running six months apart from March 2021 to October 2022. It is not just a theoretical course, but rather an 18-month growth and learning experience for a peer group of schoolleaders across Europe, committed to fostering Ignatian ways of working. Ignatian discernment will be the integrating principle. Registration ends September 2020.

OTHER FUTURE EVENTS (more information will follow):

  • A Global Citizenship Workshop is planned for February 2021 (either online or face to face in Galway, Ireland). This workshop is intended for animators of Global Citizenship education who are also interested in working with Educate Magis. (JECSE in collaboration with EDUCATE MAGIS)
  • An in-depth IPP-formation is planned with Fr Johnny Go sj on his innovative IPP-method 'Learning by refraction'. This formation is intended for a European experts-group with a special responsibility for pedagogical formation in their province. More information for delegates (online meeting) on 2 October. 
  • The major Safeguarding Conference on the protection of minors and vulnerable adults in our schools, originally planned for February 2021, due to the current crisis, is postponed to February 1 - 4 March 2022. (JECSE in collaboration with ZIP, Center for Ignatian Pedagogy, Germany)