Coming Events

- Formators Conference Dublin -

A Conference for those colleagues responsible for staff formation, on the theme of 'Educating Magis; between academic and human excellence'.
The meeting will include a spiritual day in the beautiful, old Christian dwelling of Glendalough. 

- Task Force Meeting Salamanca - 2019

During our last Education Delegates Meeting (november 2018) three collaborative Task Forces were formed on the important topics of Formation, Global Citizenship, and Safeguarding; these will meet during this special meeting in May. 

- Education Delegates Meeting -

The next JECSE Education Delegates Meeting will take place in November 2019 in Albania. We will continue the work of the Task Forces and also focus on the role of the education delegate.
More information will follow.

- Primary Head Masters Conference - 2020

This Conference for Head Masters in Primary Education will take place in Loyola, January 14th-17th 2020.
The Conference will focus on the theme of 'How to talk about Jesus?' from the perspective of Primary Education in the multi-convictional European context of today.