Past Events 2020

Primary Heads Conference 2020

In Loyola 80 colleagues, mainly Principals of Primary Schools, met this January for the JECSE Conference around the theme of ‘(How) can we talk about Jesus in the secularized and multi-convictional context of today?’

IPP-Conference 2020

Last February for the first time JECSE and the Irish Province organized an event for teachers at the European level. Fr Johnny Go sj  gave a revealing workshop on his book 'Learning by refraction' to the real practitioners of the IPP.

Formators Conference 2020 CANCELLED

Delegates meeting 2020 online

Not face to face in Lyon as intended, but nevertheless in an atmosphere of friendship, our JECSE education delegates met online for three days last November on behalf of our annual meeting. How to make the awareness of our mission grow amidst our current European challenges, was the key question we started from.